Milcrofton Utility District’s Backflow / Cross Connection Plan

Milcrofton Utility District is a governmental entity under the State of Tennessee. 

  • Milcrofton’s Cross-Connection Policy is a State approved plan. 
  • Milcrofton must treat all customers equitably and does not offer variances to approved policies for its customers. 
  • We cannot grandfather-in subdivisions nor have varying policies and requirements based on where customers live.   

Milcrofton’s Cross Connection Policy was officially adopted by the Milcrofton Board in January 2020.  All backflow devices are required to be installed within five feet of the back of the meter box.  There can be no deviation from this measurement. 

  • An Irrigation system installed after January 2020 must comply under this policy. 
  • In September of 2020, the Board of Milcrofton revised the policy to allow for the backflow device to be installed within five feet behind the meter box anywhere along that 5’ line in between the customer’s property lines.  This was done to give more flexibility to homeowners so that they could move the device toward either property line if they desired.  Landscaping, a faux rock, or smooth plastic cover can be used to disguise the backflow device if a customer chooses.
  • Per State regulations a backflow device cannot be installed below ground.

Milcrofton’s water service ends at the meter box. 

  • Milcrofton technicians do not encroach on a person’s property under the current Cross Connection Policy.
  • Since Milcrofton service ends just beyond the right-of-way, backflow devices must be accessible for inspection in close proximity to the meter box per the Cross Connection Policy.

If you need further information on installing a Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventer please click here: BACKFLOW DETAIL